George H.W. Bush Press Conference On Day Three Of The Gulf War (1991)

At the time, the US was 37 hours into Operation Desert Storm. President Bush claims he wanted to minimize casualties, but the reality was that Iraqi civilians were not safe under coalition bombing. Iraqi’s inavsion of Kuwait was induced by slant oil drilling and economic disputes between the two countries. President Bush reveals that he […]

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Stan Lee Interview (1976)

This is a 1976 interview of Stan Lee ( 1922-2018) the comics publisher and artist who was responsible for the creation of popular Marvel superheroes  Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, and many other comics characters that are a major part of American popular culture.  Lee in this interview discusses what elements made Marvel a […]

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The First Edition of Dracula (1897)

This is the first edition of the Gothic horror novel that would later become a major part of popular culture. Bram Stoker the Irish novelist never lived to see his creations become a financial success. Writing was never a profession that led to immense profits or economic security. Dracula has spawned numerous films and vampire related […]

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