The First Edition of Dracula (1897)

This is the first edition of the Gothic horror novel that would later become a major part of popular culture. Bram Stoker the Irish novelist never lived to see his creations become a financial success. Writing was never a profession that led to immense profits or economic security. Dracula has spawned numerous films and vampire related […]

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Henry Kissinger on The Soviet Union, US Military, and Nuclear Deterrence (1958)

Henry Kissinger political scientist, diplomat, and geopolitical consultant explains why US Military had to be reorganized. All out war with the Soviet Union would be perilous. Kissinger was against a policy of all out retaliation. Nuclear deterrence stopped in some respects the two superpowers from going to full scale total  war. Yet, this did not […]

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The Statue of Gudea (2090 B.C.E)

This is a statue of the king of Lagash. Gudea  was a Mesopotamian king who ruled from the period of 2150 B.C.E  to 2125 B.C.E during a period when local rulers had more power. The fall of the Akkadian Empire created a power void, which allowed city-states to govern themselves in  southern Mesopotamia. The statue […]

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