Dakar, Senegal in The 1970s

This footage above shows a Parthe  film of Dakar  the capital Senegal. This was filmed during the Leopold Senghor presidency. The footage shows the National Assembly and the University of Dakar . What is also seen is citizens walking the streets and tourists taking photographs. The Dakar of the 21st century is much bigger and […]

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Time Magazine VCR Cover (1984)

Technology has changed industry, but it is often forgotten how it transforms culture. This Time Magazine cover from 1984 discusses the growing popularity of VCRs. On the corner of the magazine shows Desmond Tutu cleric and theologian who was one of the leaders of the anti-apartheid movement.  Prior to its invention there was no way […]

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Most Significant Events of 2018

  Jacob Zuma Was Removed From Office  It was once thought that President Jacob Zuma was untouchable. However, he was resigned  from office in 2018 under allegations of fraud in association with the Gupta family. The former president has to face criminal charges for misuse of government funds. There have been allegations over the years, […]

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George H.W. Bush Press Conference On Day Three Of The Gulf War (1991)

At the time, the US was 37 hours into Operation Desert Storm. President Bush claims he wanted to minimize casualties, but the reality was that Iraqi civilians were not safe under coalition bombing. Iraqi’s inavsion of Kuwait was induced by slant oil drilling and economic disputes between the two countries. President Bush reveals that he […]

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