Afro-Abkhazian Man (1870)

The African Diaspora  reached large portions of the world. People of African descent can be found all over the world even in the most remote areas. The photograph above was taken by George Kennan who was traveling  through the Russian Empire during the late 19th century. The purpose of the expedition was to survey land […]

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Italian Morion Helmet (1580)

This is an Italian morion helmet from around 1580. This was  type of soldier’s helmet normally produced  in Spain. It became associated with Spanish explorers and conquistadors, but they were not the only ones to use this helmet .  The kingdom of Castile used these types of helmets the most, yet other European states and […]

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Che Guevara on Face the Nation (1964)

Che Guevara appears in this clip from 1964 on the program Face the Nation. The Marxist revolutionary answers questions regarding relations between Cuba and the United States. Relations between the tow countries declined after the Cuban Revolution. Che Guevara accused the US of continued subversion  in the interview. Since 1962, an embargo was imposed, which has […]

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Annie J. Easley NASA Computer Scientist and Mathematician

When space exploration is discussed, most of the public focuses on the astronauts. It should be remembered that mathematicians and aeronautical engineers make space travel possible rather than science fiction. Annie J. Easley (1933-2011)  was a NASA mathematician and computer scientist who  worked there in 1955 to  1989 . This photograph shows her working in […]

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