Kanem-Bornu Warriors Illustration From Travels and Discoveries (1857)

The illustration depicts warriors of Kanem-Bornu. It shows a chief on horse back and it appears he inspecting the troops. The force is armed with shields and long spears. The Kanem-Bornu empire at its height contained territory from Chad, Nigeria, Libya, Niger, and Cameroon. Having dedicated warriors made this expansion possible. The illustration comes from […]

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Simone de Beauvoir Interview (1959)

Simone de Beauvoir was one of the most prominent existentialist philosophers of the 20th century. This interview from 1959 she explains existentialism and other political topics. The existentialist philosophy by simple definition is an individual defined by action, freedom, and choice. The meaning of existence from the existentialist view is defined by a person, not […]

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Mohammad Najibullah Speaks To Afghan Representatives (1989)

President Mohammad Najibullah gives a speech to Afghan representatives in a video from 1989. These were the leaders of Kabul province. Under Najibullah’s presidency the Soviet Union began it withdraw from the country. The Soviet Union provided aid to Najibullah’s government, while the US and Pakistan continued to arm mujahidden forces between 1989 and 1992. […]

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Habib Bourguiba Visits Moktar Daddah

This Arab language color film shows the meeting between two heads of state. Habib Bourgubia was the first president of an independent Tunisia. Moktar Daddah was the first president of Mauritania. During the Daddah presidency, ties with Tunisia were strong. The reason was due to the fact that Tunisia supported Mauritania against conflict with Morocco. […]

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