Aldous Huxley Interview (1958)

Aldous Huxley the author of  Brave New World is interviewed by Mike Wallace in this video. Here Aldous Huxley discusses what could become the major threats to freedom. Huxley does not say that such a development could be linked to a single person, rather a combination of factors. overpopulation could cause a level of social unrest […]

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Bill Cosby on Prejudice (1971)

Comedian Bill Cosby in this  video presentation plays a bigot. The video was released in 1971 during the American civil rights era. Bill Cosby’s bigot character presents numerous stereotypes and prejudices against African Americans , Native Americans, Jews, Italians, Mexicans, Irish, Puerto Ricans , Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Scottish, and various groups in the US. During […]

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Queen Nzinga Negotiating With Joao Corria de Sousa (1622)

This illustration depicts Queen Nzinga negotiating with the Portuguese governor of  Luanda. Joao Corria de Sousa thought that Ndongo and Matamba ( modern day Angola ) could be easily  conquered. Queen Nzinga would not allow or tolerate Portuguese aggression. Before she became Queen she was involved in peace negotiations attempting to solve the Portuguese problem by […]

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