Berlin, Germany in 1900

This colorized footage of Berlin, Germany shows the citizens of the empire. At the time Germany had become a powerful industrial state with greater ambition. The German Empire wanted to challenge the imperial order that was established by both France and Great Britain. The European powers were competing for global and economic control, which would […]

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Tokyo, Japan in 1966

This is footage of Tokyo in 1966, the capital of Japan. This was a country devastated by war and nuclear attack. Instead of having a militaristic rise with an intent on vengeance after the second World War  , the country chose a path of economic development. Tokyo as seen in this footage is not yet […]

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Dakar, Senegal in The 1970s

This footage above shows a Parthe  film of Dakar  the capital Senegal. This was filmed during the Leopold Senghor presidency. The footage shows the National Assembly and the University of Dakar . What is also seen is citizens walking the streets and tourists taking photographs. The Dakar of the 21st century is much bigger and […]

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Time Magazine VCR Cover (1984)

Technology has changed industry, but it is often forgotten how it transforms culture. This Time Magazine cover from 1984 discusses the growing popularity of VCRs. On the corner of the magazine shows Desmond Tutu cleric and theologian who was one of the leaders of the anti-apartheid movement.  Prior to its invention there was no way […]

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