Social Studies

Social studies by definition is the examination of human society and is an academic discipline by practice. ┬áIt can be interrelated to anthropology, economics, archaeology, history, religion, philosophy, psychology and even the natural sciences. Social studies is pedagogical as well being taught in primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Young children are taught both history and […]

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Geography by definition is the science that examines relationships between people and various lands or environment . The world is vast place of different physical structures and diverse people. Its importance to history is significant. It explains why certain nations are in conflict and developed a particular type of economy. Crops or mineral resources appear […]

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The Importance of History

There are claims that the study of history and social science have little relevance. Voltaire once said “that history is a lie commonly agreed upon.” These criticisms are inaccurate. History documents human development and civilization. It not only performs that task, but gives an explanation to current political and social conditions. International affairs has become […]

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