Mohammed Zahir Shah Attends The Presidential Oath Ceremony of Hamid Karazi (2004)

This picture taken in December of 2004 shows Hamid Karazi  taking the presidential oath for his second term. The former King of Afghanistan seated on the far right attended the ceremony. Mohammed Zahir Shah reigned from 1933 to 1973, During that period in the 20th century he expanded diplomatic relations of Afghanistan to numerous countries […]

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Tokyo, Japan in 1966

This is footage of Tokyo in 1966, the capital of Japan. This was a country devastated by war and nuclear attack. Instead of having a militaristic rise with an intent on vengeance after the second World War  , the country chose a path of economic development. Tokyo as seen in this footage is not yet […]

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The Statue of Gudea (2090 B.C.E)

This is a statue of the king of Lagash. Gudea  was a Mesopotamian king who ruled from the period of 2150 B.C.E  to 2125 B.C.E during a period when local rulers had more power. The fall of the Akkadian Empire created a power void, which allowed city-states to govern themselves in  southern Mesopotamia. The statue […]

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Onna-bugeisha Portrait (1800s)

Onna-bugeisha refers to a warrior nobility class of women who would fight along Samurai men in battle. This photograph which has been colorized and  shows an onna-bugeisha in full battle armor. Japan was a warrior culture similar to that of Dahomey or Sparta. Such warrior based societies believed that everyone should be willing to fight […]

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