President John F. Kennedy’s Remarks of Welcome to President Nkrumah of Ghana (1961)

President  John F. Kennedy wanted to have friendly relations with emerging African nations. This was a period of anti-colonial independence movements and Cold War tensions were increasing to new heights. Kennedy’s African foreign policy may not have been completely altruistic. The Soviet Union was becoming a popular sponsor and ally to newly independent nations in […]

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Angela Davis Interview (1971)

  Angela Davis activist and author gives an interview in 1971 for a  news film from Vibrations. This was filmed when she was on trial in a controversial California court case involving the Black Panthers. The introduction to the film refers to the Black Nationalist Movement and the Black Liberation Movement as “a militant minority […]

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Anti-Japanese Propaganda Poster

This is American  anti-Japanese propaganda. The Empire of Japan and the United States of America were engaged in conflict in the Pacific during World War II. During the war effort both the Allies and Axis powers produced propaganda materials to get their citizens to support the war effort. The United States justified their actions as […]

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