Afro-Abkhazian Man (1870)

The African Diaspora  reached large portions of the world. People of African descent can be found all over the world even in the most remote areas. The photograph above was taken by George Kennan who was traveling  through the Russian Empire during the late 19th century. The purpose of the expedition was to survey land […]

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Patrice Lumumba Stamp (1961)

This is a Russian stamp produced in 1961 of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. The pan-africanist  leader served as the first Prime Minister of  the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Prime Minister Lumumba was a victim of  an assassination and a conspiracy by both Belgium and the United States  . There were baseless fears that his […]

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A Woman Soldier in The Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (1978)

For 30 years Eritrea waged a war of liberation against Ethiopian rule . This conflict was rooted in ethnic strife, complications from past Italian colonialism, and the complexities of the Cold War era. This photograph from Life Magazine shows an Eritrean woman soldier fighting for the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front. She is holding an Ak-47.  It […]

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Dakar, Senegal in The 1970s

This footage above shows a Parthe  film of Dakar  the capital Senegal. This was filmed during the Leopold Senghor presidency. The footage shows the National Assembly and the University of Dakar . What is also seen is citizens walking the streets and tourists taking photographs. The Dakar of the 21st century is much bigger and […]

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