President Obama Visits Prime Minister Desalegn Hailemariam of Ethiopia (2015)

President Obama was the first US leader to visit Ethiopia. The US had developed close relations with the country during the Kennedy administration. When the Derg deposed the Halie Selassie monarchy a Marxist government was established in 1974. Relations with the US deteriorated during that period. The Marxist rule came to an end in 1991  […]

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Nelson Mandela Stamp (1988)

This is a stamp produced in the Soviet Union honoring Nelson Mandela. Russia was involved in undermining white minority colonial rule in the South African region. The Ronald Reagan administration during this time chose a policy of constructive engagement. This was nothing more than being an apologist for the Apartheid regime. The ANC was a […]

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The New Zimbabwe (1983)

This documentary was produced in 1983 discussing the newly independent state of Zimbabwe. The country had defeated colonialism and white minority rule. The Ian Smith regime was removed and elections were held. During this period Robert Mugabe served as Prime Minister beginning in 1980. ZANU and ZAPU had to work on building a nation damaged […]

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The year 1964 Kenneth Kaunda became the first president of Zambia. The federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland dissolved in 1963. The following year, Zambia was declared a republic. Many challenges faced the young country. It had to deal with remaining white minority ruled regimes in Southern Africa, economic development challenges, and the remaining white settlers […]


The Shah, Saddam Hussein, and Houari Boumediene Meet for the Algiers Agreement (1975)

Algeria had with the Algiers Agreement of 1975 prevented war from breaking out between Iraq and Iran. Border disputes and Kurdish conflict had brought the two nations on a collision course. President Houri Boumediene wanted to prevent such a conflict, because he realized it would further fracture of the Arab world and the African continent […]

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