Carl Jung BBC Interview (1959)

Carl Jung was being interviewed in this BBC production in 1959. Here he describes his upbringing, education, and why he chose to follow the path of psychology. Carl Jung would go onto be one of the developers of analytical psychology. The Swiss psychoanalyst  and psychiatrist had an impact on literature, religious studies, anthropology, and archaeology. […]

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President John F. Kennedy’s Remarks of Welcome to President Nkrumah of Ghana (1961)

President  John F. Kennedy wanted to have friendly relations with emerging African nations. This was a period of anti-colonial independence movements and Cold War tensions were increasing to new heights. Kennedy’s African foreign policy may not have been completely altruistic. The Soviet Union was becoming a popular sponsor and ally to newly independent nations in […]

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Vladimir Lenin Documentary

This is a British produced documentary about the life of Vladimir Lenin. He was one of the most significant figures of the 20th century establishing the Soviet Union and being a major leader in the Russian Revolution. When Lenin returned from exile, he set about building a socialist society. The Romanov dynasty was removed from […]

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Julius Nyerere Interview (1960s)

Julius Nyerere explains the challenges facing Tanzania. This is a clip of an interview for British television.  He states in the interview that education is necessary for the development of the country.  President Nyerere wanted more Tanzanians to study abroad and bring their new found skills back to the nation. He did not object to […]

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