The Statue of Gudea (2090 B.C.E)

This is a statue of the king of Lagash. Gudea  was a Mesopotamian king who ruled from the period of 2150 B.C.E  to 2125 B.C.E during a period when local rulers had more power. The fall of the Akkadian Empire created a power void, which allowed city-states to govern themselves in  southern Mesopotamia. The statue […]

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Illustration of the Skeletal System From De Humani Corpis Fabrica (1543)

Andreas Vesalius a Flemish physician and anatomist produced a seven volume work known as De Humani Corpis Fabrica Libri Septum. This work pioneered medical illustration and anatomical science. Through dissection Andreas Vesalius was able to prove that the theories of Galen were incorrect. Galen the classical Greek physician’s theories were dominant in the medical field. The […]

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