Fidel Castro Meets Sukarno

Diplomatic relations between Cuba and Indonesia were established in 1960. The photograph shows Castro meeting the first president of ¬†Indonesia Sukarno. Indonesia at the time had one of the largest communist parties outside of the Soviet Union and the people’s Republic of China. Sukarno came to Havana discussing areas of bilateral cooperation. The major areas […]

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The Kennedy Treason Poster

Right-wing extremism has a long history in US politics. President John F. Kennedy generated many enemies within conservative circles. This leaflet was distributed throughout Dallas, Texas in 1963 prior to President Kennedy’s arrival. He would later be assassinated in the Southern city. The atmosphere of hate had reached a fever pith. Southern segregationists hated his […]

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Haile Selassie’s Second State Visit to the United States, October 1963

This is an educational and promotional film documenting Emperor Haile Selassie’s second visit to the United States. The US was attempting to promote friendly relations with African nations under the Kennedy administration. One of the reasons for the creation of the Peace Corps was to challenge the ugly American stereotype, by having US citizens go […]

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Hitler Meets Chandra Bose

This rare photograph shows Hitler meeting Chandra Bose, a major figure in the Indian independence movement.Chandra Bose met the Nazi dictator in 1942, planning to get German support for independence.Bose had revived the Indian National Army. The reasons for this meeting are obvious on the part of Germany. Their intention was to undermine the British […]

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