Nelson Mandela Stamp (1988)

This is a stamp produced in the Soviet Union honoring Nelson Mandela. Russia was involved in undermining white minority colonial rule in the South African region. The Ronald Reagan administration during this time chose a policy of constructive engagement. This was nothing more than being an apologist for the Apartheid regime. The ANC was a […]

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Bolshevik Poster (1920)

This is a poster from 1920 depicting Vladimir Lenin sweeping the capitalists, monarchists, and clergy off the globe. The Russian Revolution was attempting to depose the established order  that had oppressed society. Lenin desired to see world revolution and communism spread across the world. This poster although propaganda was designed to inspire the Russian public […]

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World War I Postcards Depicting the Emperors of the Central Powers (1914-1918)

These are postcards produced in the German Empire during World War I. They depict the emperors of the Central Powers who were in conflict with the Allies which included the British Empire, France, and the Russian Empire.  Kaiser Wilhelm was the German emperor who allied with Franz Joseph of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Ottoman empire […]

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