Italian Morion Helmet (1580)

This is an Italian morion helmet from around 1580. This was  type of soldier’s helmet normally produced  in Spain. It became associated with Spanish explorers and conquistadors, but they were not the only ones to use this helmet .  The kingdom of Castile used these types of helmets the most, yet other European states and […]

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Selenographia Lunar Map( 1647)

Johannes Hevelius published the book Selenographia. Released in 1647 it was the first lunar atlas. The Polish astronomer produced a valuable tool for astronomy. Selenographia had a large amount of engravings and drawn images which listed surface structures of the moon. The text had a glossary had a list of 275 different surface structures.  The image from […]

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Rhind Papyrus (1650 B.C.E)

The Rhind Papyrus was produced in 1650 B.C.E and is an example of Ancient Egyptian text on the subject of mathematics. It has multiple sections discussing geometry, early algebra, and fractions. The most successful civilizations were ones that were able to master the arts and sciences in the ancient world. The actual name of this […]

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Patrice Lumumba Stamp (1961)

This is a Russian stamp produced in 1961 of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. The pan-africanist  leader served as the first Prime Minister of  the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Prime Minister Lumumba was a victim of  an assassination and a conspiracy by both Belgium and the United States  . There were baseless fears that his […]

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