Ethiopian Christian Manuscript

This manuscript is a Christian book dating back to the existence of Aksum.The artifact currently is on display at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem, Oregon.  The Aksumite Empire was located in what is now modern day Ethiopia. The fascinating part about this African empire was that it was one of the first […]

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Spartan Woman Bronze Statue

This bronze statue dates back to 500 B.C.E  depicting what archaeologist believe is a Spartan woman. This artifact is currently part of the British Museum’s collection. The statue is of interest because of what the woman is doing. The statue shows that she is engaging in exercise. While it could be that it is showing […]

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Booker T. Washington Stamp

This is a stamp produced in 1940. It is  part of the Famous Americans Series and features Booker T. Washington. Distributed by the Post Office Department, this stamp holds a special significance. It was the first stamp to feature a prominent African American public figure. The author, educator, and orator was an important leader in […]

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