The Fra Mauro Map (1450)

The Fra Muaro map is considered to be an important artifact of cartography. This marks the shift away from Biblical map making to more scientific based cartography. When it was produced in 1450, it was the most detailed and accurate description of the world. Fra Murao was a monk and creator of this map who  […]

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Vitruvian Man (1490)

This was a pen and ink drawing on paper produced by Leonardo da Vinci  in 1490. He was not only an artist, but an inventor, engineer, scientist, poet, and a polymath of multiple talents.  One of his many interests was the science of anatomy. During this time period in Europe there was a new enthusiasm […]

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Nelson Mandela Stamp (1988)

This is a stamp produced in the Soviet Union honoring Nelson Mandela. Russia was involved in undermining white minority colonial rule in the South African region. The Ronald Reagan administration during this time chose a policy of constructive engagement. This was nothing more than being an apologist for the Apartheid regime. The ANC was a […]

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