Benin Ivory Mask (1500s)

This is a Benin ivory mask currently part of the British Museum collection. The artifact was from the Nigerian kingdom of Benin produced around the 16th century. The mask was made by the Edo peoples. This mask was part of a special annual ritual conducted by the king. The king of Benin had the tile […]

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Onna-bugeisha Portrait (1800s)

Onna-bugeisha refers to a warrior nobility class of women who would fight along Samurai men in battle. This photograph which has been colorized and  shows an onna-bugeisha in full battle armor. Japan was a warrior culture similar to that of Dahomey or Sparta. Such warrior based societies believed that everyone should be willing to fight […]

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Aldous Huxley Interview (1958)

Aldous Huxley the author of  Brave New World is interviewed by Mike Wallace in this video. Here Aldous Huxley discusses what could become the major threats to freedom. Huxley does not say that such a development could be linked to a single person, rather a combination of factors. overpopulation could cause a level of social unrest […]

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