Uganda Wins Independence (1962)

Uganda won independence from the British Empire in 1962. All across Africa new nations were emerging and were able to break free of their colonial oppressors. This news reel from Parthe News shows the independence celebrations. Uganda became a member of the Commonwealth just like other former British colonies. Milton Obote would become the country’s […]

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Julius Nyerere Meets Mao Zedong

This photograph was taken in 1965 when President Julius Nyerere paid a state visit to the People’s Republic of China. The two nations shared cordial diplomatic relations, even though both nations had different ideological stances on socialism. Mao’s aid to Tanzania was generous. There was a reason that such a relationship could work. The newly […]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Stanford – “The other America” 1967

Dr. Martin Luther King delivers a lecture at Stanford University in 1967. Here he discusses the problem of two Americas. Here he points out the issues of racism and white supremacy. Dr. King also reveals that poverty is another social injustice issue that the United States ignores. The problem effects African Americans worse because the […]

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The 1986 Philippines Elections

Ferdinand Marcos was president of the Philippines since 1965.The 1986 elections showed that he was not going to rule forever. He was a close US ally from the Johnson to Reagan administrations. The reason was that he was supported by America was that he was  anti-communist. The United States had for a long period of […]

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