Onna-bugeisha Portrait (1800s)

Onna-bugeisha refers to a warrior nobility class of women who would fight along Samurai men in battle. This photograph which has been colorized and  shows an onna-bugeisha in full battle armor. Japan was a warrior culture similar to that of Dahomey or Sparta. Such warrior based societies believed that everyone should be willing to fight […]

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Queen Nzinga Negotiating With Joao Corria de Sousa (1622)

This illustration depicts Queen Nzinga negotiating with the Portuguese governor of  Luanda. Joao Corria de Sousa thought that Ndongo and Matamba ( modern day Angola ) could be easily  conquered. Queen Nzinga would not allow or tolerate Portuguese aggression. Before she became Queen she was involved in peace negotiations attempting to solve the Portuguese problem by […]

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