Queen Nzinga Negotiating With Joao Corria de Sousa (1622)

This illustration depicts Queen Nzinga negotiating with the Portuguese governor of  Luanda. Joao Corria de Sousa thought that Ndongo and Matamba ( modern day Angola ) could be easily  conquered. Queen Nzinga would not allow or tolerate Portuguese aggression. Before she became Queen she was involved in peace negotiations attempting to solve the Portuguese problem by […]

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Ayn Rand Interview (1959)

This is an interview of Ayn Rand by Mike Wallace. She was the developer of Objectivism during the 20th century, which many ideas of the American conservative movement have adopted . Far-right Libertarians also adopted her ideas, but in reality Rand did not agree with their ideological positions. Ayn Rand explains her philosophy in this […]

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