The Fra Mauro Map (1450)

The Fra Muaro map is considered to be an important artifact of cartography. This marks the shift away from Biblical map making to more scientific based cartography. When it was produced in 1450, it was the most detailed and accurate description of the world. Fra Murao was a monk and creator of this map who  […]

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Bolshevik Poster (1920)

This is a poster from 1920 depicting Vladimir Lenin sweeping the capitalists, monarchists, and clergy off the globe. The Russian Revolution was attempting to depose the established order  that had oppressed society. Lenin desired to see world revolution and communism spread across the world. This poster although propaganda was designed to inspire the Russian public […]

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Carl Jung BBC Interview (1959)

Carl Jung was being interviewed in this BBC production in 1959. Here he describes his upbringing, education, and why he chose to follow the path of psychology. Carl Jung would go onto be one of the developers of analytical psychology. The Swiss psychoanalyst  and psychiatrist had an impact on literature, religious studies, anthropology, and archaeology. […]

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