Most Significant Events of 2018

  Jacob Zuma Was Removed From Office  It was once thought that President Jacob Zuma was untouchable. However, he was resigned  from office in 2018 under allegations of fraud in association with the Gupta family. The former president has to face criminal charges for misuse of government funds. There have been allegations over the years, […]

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Most Significant Events of 2017

Yahya Jammeh Forced into Exile  President Yahya Jammeh was forced into exile. When elections were held in 2016 he initially accepted defeat from his challenger Adama  Barrow. Jammeh even gave a concession speech. However, he then later decided to contest the results. This then sparked a political crisis, which gained the attention of both Nigeria […]

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The Most Significant Events of 2016

The 21st century will not be one of calm. History continues with an erratic path. The year 2016 will be significant, because of the change in global political culture. Nativist populism has spread in the United States and the European continent in reaction to globalization, immigration, and supranational organizations. There is an unsettling specter of […]

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