Kanem-Bornu Warriors Illustration From Travels and Discoveries (1857)

The illustration depicts warriors of Kanem-Bornu. It shows a chief on horse back and it appears he inspecting the troops. The force is armed with shields and long spears. The Kanem-Bornu empire at its height contained territory from Chad, Nigeria, Libya, Niger, and Cameroon. Having dedicated warriors made this expansion possible. The illustration comes from […]

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Italian Morion Helmet (1580)

This is an Italian morion helmet from around 1580. This was  type of soldier’s helmet normally produced  in Spain. It became associated with Spanish explorers and conquistadors, but they were not the only ones to use this helmet .  The kingdom of Castile used these types of helmets the most, yet other European states and […]

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A Woman Soldier in The Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (1978)

For 30 years Eritrea waged a war of liberation against Ethiopian rule . This conflict was rooted in ethnic strife, complications from past Italian colonialism, and the complexities of the Cold War era. This photograph from Life Magazine shows an Eritrean woman soldier fighting for the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front. She is holding an Ak-47.  It […]

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Onna-bugeisha Portrait (1800s)

Onna-bugeisha refers to a warrior nobility class of women who would fight along Samurai men in battle. This photograph which has been colorized and  shows an onna-bugeisha in full battle armor. Japan was a warrior culture similar to that of Dahomey or Sparta. Such warrior based societies believed that everyone should be willing to fight […]

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