Che Guevara on Face the Nation (1964)

Che Guevara appears in this clip from 1964 on the program Face the Nation. The Marxist revolutionary answers questions regarding relations between Cuba and the United States. Relations between the tow countries declined after the Cuban Revolution. Che Guevara accused the US of continued subversion  in the interview. Since 1962, an embargo was imposed, which has […]

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Nintendo Cereal Commercial (1989)

Video games went from being a something computer programmers would create for amusement to a lucrative industry. Nintendo during the 1980s was so dominant in the video game industry they expanded into other merchandising properties. This commercial is from 1989. It features Nintendo characters that are still popular today such as Mario and Link. Nintendo […]

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Berlin, Germany in 1900

This colorized footage of Berlin, Germany shows the citizens of the empire. At the time Germany had become a powerful industrial state with greater ambition. The German Empire wanted to challenge the imperial order that was established by both France and Great Britain. The European powers were competing for global and economic control, which would […]

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