Duck and Cover (1951)

This is an American civil defense film produced during the Cold War. Shown in US public school classrooms it was a way to educate the public about what to do if there was a nuclear attack.This era was filled with propaganda about the Soviet Union and paranoia about nuclear annihilation. The United States and the […]

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The year 1964 Kenneth Kaunda became the first president of Zambia. The federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland dissolved in 1963. The following year, Zambia was declared a republic. Many challenges faced the young country. It had to deal with remaining white minority ruled regimes in Southern Africa, economic development challenges, and the remaining white settlers […]


Robert Mugabe on Rhodesia (1962)

This is an Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news clips discussing the state of Southern Africa. Zimbabwe was under white minority rule and still faced colonial domination. A young Robert Mugabe appears in the report explaining his objections to racialism and segregation. When Africans, Asians, and coloreds are separated from the rest of society, this automatically designates […]

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