Toys R Us Commercial (1982)

Toys R Us was a large toy store chain can trace its origins back to  1948. It had stores internationally with stores in Australia, the United Kingdom, Austria, France, and Switzerland. Yet, this retail chain was distinctly an American company. It was a large part of American childhoods through the generations. Toy R Us filed […]

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Lagos, Nigeria in the 1960s

This is footage of Lagos, Nigeria in the 1960s. Lagos is one of Africa’s most populated cities and a major financial center of the continent. During this period , it could not be imagined that the newly independent state would become an economic power house. Nigeria when it gained independence in 1960 faced multiple challenges. […]

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Che Guevara on Face the Nation (1964)

Che Guevara appears in this clip from 1964 on the program Face the Nation. The Marxist revolutionary answers questions regarding relations between Cuba and the United States. Relations between the tow countries declined after the Cuban Revolution. Che Guevara accused the US of continued subversion  in the interview. Since 1962, an embargo was imposed, which has […]

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