President Obama Visits Prime Minister Desalegn Hailemariam of Ethiopia (2015)

President Obama was the first US leader to visit Ethiopia. The US had developed close relations with the country during the Kennedy administration. When the Derg deposed the Halie Selassie monarchy a Marxist government was established in 1974. Relations with the US deteriorated during that period. The Marxist rule came to an end in 1991  […]

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Ayn Rand Interview (1959)

This is an interview of Ayn Rand by Mike Wallace. She was the developer of Objectivism during the 20th century, which many ideas of the American conservative movement have adopted . Far-right Libertarians also adopted her ideas, but in reality Rand did not agree with their ideological positions. Ayn Rand explains her philosophy in this […]

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The Fra Mauro Map (1450)

The Fra Muaro map is considered to be an important artifact of cartography. This marks the shift away from Biblical map making to more scientific based cartography. When it was produced in 1450, it was the most detailed and accurate description of the world. Fra Murao was a monk and creator of this map who  […]

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