Head of Man with Tight Curly Hair Sculpture ( 120-100 B.C.E)


This sculpture was from the 2nd century B.C.E, which depicts the face of a Nubian man. Nubia refers to the region along the Nile river between Aswan and central Sudan. The Nile valley composed many African civilizations. Meroe, Napata, Kerma, and Kush were major kingdoms.  The art found provides a record of various peoples living in the region at the time. The head may have been part of a larger statue, but has since been lost. The other possibility was that it could have been a statue bust.  The artifact currently resides in the Brooklyn Museum as part of the Egyptian Orientation Gallery. The Nubian man statute is made of marble, with extensive detail on the hair. The texture on the hair demonstrates a meticulous sculpting skill. Nubia at times found itself at war with invading  Greeks, Arabs, or Romans. During periods of peace, cultural exchange did occur. Nubians and Greeks began to imitate one another’s art styles. The head of the Nubian man has a Hellenistic quality about it. The common misconception was that classical civilizations rarely made contact, but artifacts reveal that was not the case. Africa and Europe were making contact before the Age of Exploration.

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