Soviet Soldier Raising Flag Over The Reichstag (1945)


After much suffering the Soviet Union was able to invade Germany. Russia had withstood devastating losses during World War II. The image above shows a Soviet soldier raising the flag of the U.S.S.R over the Reichstag the symbol of Nazi power. Berlin after years of war was in ruins. Looking closer in the photograph the streets are filled with rubble and debris. The reason fascism became so powerful was due to the fact that the British Empire and France did not actively coordinate with the Soviet Union to halt Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Both countries believed fascism would act as a shield against Soviet influence in Europe. This resulted in appeasement of both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The Munich Agreement enabled Hitler to expand  Germany’s territory . If France, Britain, and the Soviet Union had a substantial military alliance prior to 1938, this could have acted as a form of deterrence. Germany could never win a war on two fronts, which explains the non-aggression pact  signed in 1939 with Russia. Adolf Hitler had no intention of peace with any of the major European powers.  Some conservative circles believed Hitler was doing a service vowing to destroy communism. Others agreed with his antisemitic ideology.  Hitler’s obsession with the Soviet Union was based on his belief that communism was an international conspiracy controlled by Jews. The Slavs were meant to be slaves to the German conquerors that invaded the East. For this reason the war on Russia was waged with the most brutality.


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