Baphomet Illustration (1856)


The black and white illustration depicts Baphomet produced by Eliphas Levi Zahed. This deity was thought to be worshiped by warriors in the Knights Templar.  There is little evidence to suggest that the Knights Templar actually  believed in such a deity. It may have been made up to get certain individuals who fell out of favor to be executed. Baphomet was given a new image in Dogma and Ritual of High Magic . The beast seen in the book looks like a creature of nightmares. It appears to have the head of a goat with large wings. Three large horns sprout from its head. A pentagram appears on the forehead  of Baphomet. Oddly enough, a caduceus can also be spotted near the stomach of the deity. The sex of the creature almost is difficult to determine. The chest shows breasts, yet a male like body shape. The lower half of the body still has goat characteristics such a hooves. One interpretation of this strange mixture was that Eliphas Levi Zahed was trying to show the universe needed balance between elements. Good needs evil or man needs woman are examples which are personified in the disturbing drawing.  Eliphas Levi was an occult author and magician who was know for his belief in the supernatural. It was no surprise that Baphomet would appear in Dogma and Ritual of High Magic . Eliphas Levi  made the suggestion that magic could be a mediator between science and religion. Modern science has since advanced to a point in which concepts such as magic and mysticism are mere fantasy. Gods and deities either appear or disappear overtime. Baphomet was a creation of the Middle Ages, but reappeared in 19th century occult literature.


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