Child Laborer in a Cotton Manufacturing Company

The_searing_photos_that_helped_end_child_labor_in_America1This was  a photograph taken by Lewis Hine. His photography of child laborers brought attention to the American public of the economic exploitation of young people. The girl was a spinner in a North Carolina cotton manufacturing company. Even in the 1900s, the South was still economically dependent on agriculture. Labor exploitation came in the forms of slavery, share cropping, and also child labor. While child labor was associated with large cities of the North it was prevalent across the United States. Hine’s photographs documented children working  in factories, farms, mines,  and textile mills across the country, which caused congress to move to ban child labor in the US . This young girl was deprived of education and her very childhood. Education provides a gateway to many opportunities and women were denied equal education. Even if she was to get a proper education, her employment choices would have been limited due to sex discrimination. Lewis Hine’s photographs demonstrated the power they have to make positive change in society. It also shows that children are not given enough attention in historical narratives. There is not much information about the girl posing in the image,but her experience would be different from other children. The industrial revolution and the monopoly capitalism that followed produced  negative social and political repercussions. Child labor, dangerous working conditions, and meager wages were the results of  business elites’ greed.

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