Italian Morion Helmet (1580)

Etched Italian comb morion, Pisa, circa 1580.

This is an Italian morion helmet from around 1580. This was  type of soldier’s helmet normally produced  in Spain. It became associated with Spanish explorers and conquistadors, but they were not the only ones to use this helmet .  The kingdom of Castile used these types of helmets the most, yet other European states and kingdoms used them as a means of protecting soldiers in battle . Italy seeing as it was closer to Spain and other areas of the Mediterranean was able to adopt certain helmets. Soon other European armies produced morions of their own to remain competitive . Adopting similar technology and armor could keep certain kingdoms at equal fighting strength .The morion was a very odd shaped military helmet.  The brim is flat and the crest goes from front to back. Some morions could have simple designs, other like this one have elaborate etchings. Helmets are used by soldiers as a form of head protection against attack. The purpose of the morion was to protect against push of the pike attacks. Pikes which were long thrusting spears could be very lethal up close. Pikemen would assume a formation and a stab to the cranium would mean certain death. The morion was in use between 16th to 17th century. As time progressed soldier helmets would change in design attempting to protect the skull from human inflicted attack  or shrapnel.

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