Che Guevara on Face the Nation (1964)

Che Guevara appears in this clip from 1964 on the program Face the Nation. The Marxist revolutionary answers questions regarding relations between Cuba and the United States. Relations between the tow countries declined after the Cuban Revolution. Che Guevara accused the US of continued subversion  in the interview. Since 1962, an embargo was imposed, which has not been lifted. Cold War politics and US imperialism put Cuba in a precarious situation. There was an attempted overthrow with the Bay of Pigs invasion which occurred during the Kennedy administration. Che makes it clear that Cuba wants normal relations with the US, but not under imposed terms. Che Guevarra then makes the point the the Organization of American States cannot be neutral because it operates under a US orbit. Revolutions Che states are not exported, rather created by oppressive conditions. Latin America was under the control of many right-wing authoritarian governments aligned with the United States.  Cuba and China did have disagreements, but Che argued unity with socialist states was important for security. However, the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba did have different views in regards to socialist system. The communist block was not monolithic as many had assumed. Cuba took a more radical approach by advocating anti-imperial struggle in not just in South America, but Africa and Asia.  Guevara’s role would elevate him to an international icon among revolutionary struggles.

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