Patrice Lumumba Stamp (1961)


This is a Russian stamp produced in 1961 of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. The pan-africanist  leader served as the first Prime Minister of  the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Prime Minister Lumumba was a victim of  an assassination and a conspiracy by both Belgium and the United States  . There were baseless fears that his government would become too close to the Soviet Union. Patrice Lumumba was too dedicated an African nationalist for the Democratic Republic of the Congo a Soviet base. This did not mean that the country would reject Soviet assistance. The reason he appears on this stamp was for Russia to embrace revolutionary and anti-colonial movements. However, the Soviet Union had abandoned attempts at world revolution, an objective that Vladimir Lenin had embraced in the early 20th century. The Soviet Union of the 1960s was merely engaged in wars of proxy with the US that spread through Africa and Asia. The DRC became another area of conflict of the Cold War. As Prime Minister Lumumba faced challenges with violence in Katanga, a United Nations that refused to assist in possible mediation, and  Kasa-Vubu ‘s attempt to size power. The coup by Joseph Mobutu signaled the end of the pan-africanist  political vision for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Joseph Mobutu and Moise Tshombe  would orchestrate Lumumba’s fall and execution. Patrice Lumumba became a martyr for African independence and anti-colonial nationalism.

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