Nelson Mandela Stamp (1988)

Mandela Stamp

This is a stamp produced in the Soviet Union honoring Nelson Mandela. Russia was involved in undermining white minority colonial rule in the South African region. The Ronald Reagan administration during this time chose a policy of constructive engagement. This was nothing more than being an apologist for the Apartheid regime. The ANC was a socialist party, but never adhered to Soviet communist doctrine. The Reagan administration wanted to keep white minority rule alive in South Africa mainly to get access to uranium deposits. Nelson Mandela would eventually would be released from prison in 1990 and four years later became president of a truly free South Africa. Nelson Mandela became an icon of freedom struggles and anti-colonial politics. While the Soviet Union preached anti-colonial politics and anti-imperialism it did not apply this belief to  the Baltic, Central Asia,  and Eastern Europe. Around this time the Soviet Union was a collapsing system and the goal of world revolution had been abandoned. Russia was known to aid freedom struggles in both Africa and Asia.


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