Benito Mussolini Salutes the Great American People (1927)

This is a newsreel in which Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini praises the United States of America. Here he is extending  in his words a hand of friendship to the United States. Ideologically  Fascist Italy and the US could never have normal relations. Fascism is opposed to civil rights and civil liberties. Democracy was in the eyes of Fascism a weak and ineffective political system. Prior to the invasion of Ethiopia Mussolini was seen by France, the British Empire, and the US as a force against Communism. He was viewed as favorable despite the use of  torture, imprisonment, and  murder occurring in Italy.  The West was paranoid about the power of the Soviet Union and the rumors of world revolution were rife. The Soviet Union was not trying to take over the world and was in position to do so. Fascism was the real threat, but was embraced as the lesser of two evils. This mistake in foreign policy enabled Fascist states like Italy to grow in power harassing countries such as Albania and Yugoslavia.  Unlike the U.S.S.R  Fascist Italy had imperial ambitions seeking to create a New Rome. Mussolini would turn against France, the US, and the British empire allying with Nazi Germany. Italy would enter World War II in 1940.


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