Bolshevik Poster (1920)


This is a poster from 1920 depicting Vladimir Lenin sweeping the capitalists, monarchists, and clergy off the globe. The Russian Revolution was attempting to depose the established order  that had oppressed society. Lenin desired to see world revolution and communism spread across the world. This poster although propaganda was designed to inspire the Russian public and Red Army to mobilize to protect the revolution. The Allies after World War I sent troops to aid the White Russians and civil war followed. Lenin hoped that communist revolution would occur in Germany and spread to the rest of Western Europe. There were failures in Hungary and a catastrophic war with Poland in 1921. It seemed as if world revolution was out of reach. This may explain why Lenin’s successor Joseph Stalin advocated revolution in one country. The new country of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics faced many economic, political, and security challenges. Spreading their ideas and organizing was the best method to avoid counter revolutions or conspiracy from abroad. Posters like these were a simple and effective way to achieve such goals.


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