Phillip K. Dick Interview in France (1977)

Phillip K. Dick science fiction writer and author explains in this interview about the differences in literary expression in both France and America. Dick was the author of Man in The High Castle and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? , which would later on be adapted to television and films. Dick criticizes American desire for censorship in the arts and literature if it is deemed inappropriate. If a written work depicts sex or violence there is censorship, even though America prided itself on free expression. Dick states this in the interview and how it limits what writers can produce. During his time, he was not appreciated much as a writer, but his works had a dramatic impact on science fiction. The worst part about American censorship is that it would stifle complex ideas or the expression of higher philosophy. France had more of a respect for the science fiction compared to the US. Phillip K. Dick also believed that the US was more anti-intellectual in nature, because the reading audience was not interested in novels  of ideas rather simple entertainment. Science fiction at this point was beginning to be studied in American universities and taught in high school English classes. Although science fiction has gained a level of respect, the writer still struggles for prominence. Phillip K. Dick’s writing was influenced by a pastiche of French novels , Japanese novels , and earlier sci-fi authors. His works were the precursor to cyberpunk science fiction.


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