World War I Postcards Depicting the Emperors of the Central Powers (1914-1918)



These are postcards produced in the German Empire during World War I. They depict the emperors of the Central Powers who were in conflict with the Allies which included the British Empire, France, and the Russian Empire.  Kaiser Wilhelm was the German emperor who allied with Franz Joseph of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Ottoman empire of Mehmed V was a dying land and saw Germany as an ally that could help revive it. The Berlin Baghdad railway was a symbol of this new Turkish- German bilateral cooperation, but the war broke out before it could be finished. King Ferdinand I of Bulgaria was a monarch of a new kingdom, which broke away from Ottoman. It really had been defacto- independent since 1878 . It was not until the Balkan wars did it become official. Germany was the most powerful state in the alliance, while the other powers were struggling to keep their empires together. These postcards were not simply designed to send messages to love ones and acquaintances, but to present the image of great leaders. Propaganda either printed or audiovisual was an essential part of boosting morale at  home and abroad. The German, Ottoman, and Asutro-Hungarian Empire would collapse after the war. The Russian empire would transform into the Soviet Union and the map of the world would be redrawn.


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