Robert Mugabe on Rhodesia (1962)

This is an Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news clips discussing the state of Southern Africa. Zimbabwe was under white minority rule and still faced colonial domination. A young Robert Mugabe appears in the report explaining his objections to racialism and segregation. When Africans, Asians, and coloreds are separated from the rest of society, this automatically designates a  social status that is low. Mugabe states the only remedy to this is equal rights among the various ethnic  groups. The news clip shows the disparity in housing and education under colonial rule. There could have been a peaceful solution, but the whites of Zimbabwe would not have it. Ian Smith issued the Universal Declaration of Independence consolidating his dream of an independent white minority ruled regime not associated with Britain. As the Smith regime became more oppressive, this resulted in the Rhodesian Bush War. By 1980 white minority rule was defeated in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe became Prime Minister.


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