Nubian Archer Models

Nubian archers

These are painted wood models of Nubian archers. They are from the 11th dynasty (2134-1991 B.C.E) found in the tomb of Mesehty  who served as the governor of Asyut. During times of disorder and various forms of insurrection there were mass recruitment efforts. The Nubians were called upon to serve, because of their battle prowess. This artifact currently resides in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. These artifacts provide modern day historians some idea about warfare in ancient civilizations. Archery and the warriors that practiced it were a major component of a powerful military force. The artist of this work is unknown, but it is unique in the sense it each soldier has a different facial expression. Their uniforms are same, including the type of bows and arrows they are carrying. Nubians were either in conflict with their neighbors to the first cataract. At times they lost their independence and then regained it. This artwork is an indication that civilization was present further down the Nile. The Nubians were African peoples and Western scholarship for a longtime tried to deny that Egypt was an African civilization. Archaeology continues to uncover more about ancient Africa, radically changing the way in which history is studied.


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