Carl Jung BBC Interview (1959)

Carl Jung was being interviewed in this BBC production in 1959. Here he describes his upbringing, education, and why he chose to follow the path of psychology. Carl Jung would go onto be one of the developers of analytical psychology. The Swiss psychoanalyst  and psychiatrist had an impact on literature, religious studies, anthropology, and archaeology. Carl Jung worked with Sigmund Freud another psychologist of note and they became some of the most influential figures in their field. The two were close friends, but disagreed on certain ideas. Jung was more philosophical in his approach, Freud did not have training in philosophy.  Jung reveals in the interview that Freud was more of an obdurate personality. This was the basis of his psychological concepts of introversion and extroversion. Freud and Jung were foils in a way. Jung also says that there are letters that he wrote to Freud that he will not reveal in his lifetime. The two actually did do psychoanalysis on each other. Carl Jung however in the interview did not want to answer his findings on Freud. Carl Jung also developed ideas such as collective unconscious, the psychological complex, archetypal phenomena, and synchronicity.


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