Vladimir Lenin Documentary

This is a British produced documentary about the life of Vladimir Lenin. He was one of the most significant figures of the 20th century establishing the Soviet Union and being a major leader in the Russian Revolution. When Lenin returned from exile, he set about building a socialist society. The Romanov dynasty was removed from power and Russia was no longer fighting in World War I. These actions caused the West to intervene in the country’s civil war. The United States, the British Empire, France, and Japan sent troops to help the White Russians. The Bolsheviks won the Russian Civil, but faced numerous challenges. The Soviet-Polish war followed after, the question of international revolution was still being debated, and Central Asia was in revolt. Lenin found the process of governing more difficult than starting a revolution. A stroke ruined his health and he died in 1924. Leon Trotsky lost the power struggle against Joseph Stalin and the country would remain under his grip until 1953. Many questioned whether or not conditions would have been different if Lenin had lived. Although his rule was short Lenin made an impact on Russia and the world.






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