Kim Il Sung Visits Deng Xiaoping (1991)

China and North Korea have been linked together politically since the 1940s. Around this time China had abandoned Maoism and was moving toward a liberalized economy. Under Deng Xiaoping this occurred and it seems that the relationship with North Korea would be complicated. Mao’s leadership contributed to North Korea’s survival in the 1950 to 1953 Korean War. People’s Liberation Army volunteers went to repeal the US lead UN forces. The Cold War by this time was over and the geopolitical landscape was changing. Kim Il Sung realized that maintaining good relations with China was more pivotal seeing as the Eastern bloc nations of Europe were moving to capitalist systems. Deng Xiaoping also understood that if North Korea fell, US troops would be directly stationed at its border. There are tensions even though both countries are allies. The biggest problem is that North Korea pursues nuclear weapons. China did not want to see nuclear weapons spread, because other countries that are more hostile to it could acquire them. Even though the two countries have diverged politically and economic they are dependent on one another. China wants its border protected and North Korea wants security from its adversaries such as Japan and the United States.


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