Aung San Suu Kyi Addresses a Political Rally (1990)


This photograph shows a young Aung San Suu Kyi giving a speech at a political rally during the 1990 Burmese elections. The National League of Democracy was the victor in the elections, but the military nullified the result.She was not running for office, but trying to get the party to win as many seats in parliament as possible. Since the 1980s Suu Kyi has been leading a campaign of liberation from military rule. Although the Ne Win regime fell in 1988, the military would reemerge as the sole governing force in Burma. Suu Kyi although the victor in elections was placed under house arrest. Her efforts won her a Nobel Prize and international recognition for her cause. The military would relinquish control of government by the 2010s, but most politicians continued to be military connected. Today she  holds the position of State Counsellor  a newly created position. It appears that she could be in reality a de facto  leader of the country. It is uncertain what Myanmar’s future holds with a rapidly changing Asia.  Suu Kyi will certainly be an important historical figure, but not without criticism. Many human rights activists are critical of her lack of attention to the persecution of the Rohingya. The struggle will continue as long as there is ethnic conflict, military regimes, and a lack of economic development.


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