Newsweek Magazine “Women in Revolt” Cover (1970)


The second wave feminist movement was in full swing by the time this cover was printed for Newsweek. Inspired by the methods of the civil rights movement, women in the United States began to organize for equality in both the private and public spheres of society. This meant challenging employment discrimination, supporting reproductive rights,  and equal education. This cover is significant,because it reveals almost a panic about change. The media has a long tradition of demonizing social justice movements or groups it does not understand. At this time in 1970, most of the writers and reporters for Newsweek were men. They had little  comprehension or concern for women’s issues.Women worked  as mail girls, clippers, and researchers; promotions were rare for women. Women employees had enough and sued their employers for sex discrimination. The fact the phrase “in revolt” is used  gives the connotation of disorganized mob. This was a movement that had grown   and mobilized its self both legally as well as by unconventional participation. Second wave feminism would later have a major impact on culture, academia, and US politics.



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