Indira Gandhi Interview (1978)

This was a Thames interview of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1978. She served from 1966 to 1977 and then also again in 1980 to 1984. India under her rule fought a war with Pakistan that resulted in the independence of Bangladesh.  As a result of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, India became a major power in South Asia. This interview is extremely contentious criticizing her state of emergency decree  and accusations of electoral malpractice. There were also issues with press freedom in the country. However, there were policies that made her a popular figure. She supported bank nationalization and the Palestinian freedom struggle. She also reversed the diplomatic decline in African states. Prime Minister Gandhi sought to expand ties with Kenya, Uganda was a difficult case. The Idi Amin regime began mass expulsion of Ugandan Indians, which harmed relations. Prime Minister Gandhi explains that India is a large and complex country. Some measures such as political centralization were needed to keep a state together with ethnic and religious tension.


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