The Civil War & Its Aftermath: Dr. John Henrik Clarke Lecture

The American Civil War changed the United States in multiple ways. African Americans were emancipated and became citizens of the United States. Thus, began a new phase of freedom struggle for equal rights and integration into American society. There also another journey to rediscover the African roots of formerly enslaved people. African Americans fought in the Civil War to gain their freedom. The national crisis was the best chance to end slavery once and for all. Dr. John Henrik Clarke explains the impact of the Civil War and the aftermath. Immigration and slavery was expanding in the West. The Mexican War had added new territories, which caused more political factionalism. Bloody Kansas also revealed class issues in the US. Some poor whites in the state did not want see slavery in Kansas, because it would not benefit them economically.The North did not want slave labor competing with immigrant labor. The planter aristocracy wanted to maintain compete economic domination of the South. It was only a matter of time before the country tore itself apart. Simultaneously, the enslaved with escaping slavery by means of the Underground Railroad. After the war African Americans faced segregation, terrorism, and disenfranchisement. These new challenges required multiple methods of organization to combat.

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