W.E.B. DuBois : Socialism and the American Negro(1960)

This is an audio recording of a speech W.E.B Dubois gave in Madison, Wisconsin in 1960.Here the fame academic and activist explains the benefits of socialism and how it can tackle the problem of social inequality. W.E.B Dubois  was one of many victims of the Red Scare of the 1950s. The McCarthy era demonized socialism and accused people of being communist agents of Russia when they were not. Dubois attacks Cold War paranoia and the capitalist values of the United States. If capitalism was such a successful system, why did America still have a problem with poverty? Affordable medical care was also being a major topic of concern. Ultimately, true freedom is not just political rights; economic rights are needed for full liberation. Dubois gave this speech before the War on Poverty and the creation of medicare. W.E.B Dubois articulates in his speech through historical examples how people did accept socialist ideas during times of crisis. The Great Depression caused many Americans to accept programs such as social security and  unemployment compensation. During the 1960s medicaid and medicare reduced the burden in terms of cost of treatment. Dubois activism was not just limited to the United States, but to a wider anti-colonial and anti-capitalist movement. The struggle was not just a battle for political rights, but one for economic security as well as social welfare.


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