Malcolm X Speech in Los Angeles (May 5, 1962)

Malcolm X gives a speech in Los Angeles in 1962. Here is making arguments for unity against racial hated and injustice. He calls on all African Americans of multiple faiths and backgrounds to fight white supremacy. Malcolm X gives arguments against imperialism and war. Malcolm X in this speech criticizes the fact US troops are present in Vietnam. He also was critical of the non-violent resistance tactics used by other civil rights leaders. Malcolm X believed this was ineffective, because a power structure will always use violence to control the oppressed. The only rational solution would be self-defense. The Nation of Islam believed in black separatism, because it seemed as if integration was not possible. White violence in the South and the North demonstrated to some that racism was too prevalent for African Americans to be accepted in American society. Many problems that Malcolm X is discussing still are problems in American society today. Police brutality, discrimination, and racial hatred still haunt the United States. Malcolm X  predicts at the end of this speech the wave of anti-colonial movements that would occur over Africa and Asia. Only through pan-African unity Malcolm X thought can African Americans and Africans liberate themselves.


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