Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Stanford – “The other America” 1967

Dr. Martin Luther King delivers a lecture at Stanford University in 1967. Here he discusses the problem of two Americas. Here he points out the issues of racism and white supremacy. Dr. King also reveals that poverty is another social injustice issue that the United States ignores. The problem effects African Americans worse because the constant discrimination and unfair hiring practices. It was in a sense more simple to end discriminatory laws, but more difficult to enforce civil rights. When King challenged racism in the North he met even more vicious resistance. Housing, education, and economic opportunity were out of reach fro African Americans living in segregated Northern cities of the United States. Ultimately, racism had to be challenged because as Dr. King said ” it’s logical conclusion is genocide.”Martin Luther King also describes the white backlash from integration. This was nothing new from Reconstruction onward, the white population was not open to non-white ethnic groups.The melting pot only applied to European immigrants. African Americans, Asians, and  Latin Americans were forced to remain excluded from mainstream American society. True equality meant access to employment, education, and the full benefits of citizenship. This was what Martin Luther King desired after the civil rights struggle.


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