Ronald Reagan Meets With Mujahideen Fighters


 The United States embarked on a policy of arming the Mujahideen. The Soviet Union became militarily involved in Afghanistan to support a weakened communist government. Ronald Reagan here is shown with what he called “freedom fighters.” America’s involvement in Afghanistan was the largest covert operation in the CIA’s entire history. Ronald Reagan was a staunch anti-communist and ignited an arms build up. This aggressive anti-communism was demonstrated in the use of force against Grenada and the arming of the Contras in Nicaragua. Reagan’s target of Afghanistan he thought was a chance to bleed the Soviet Union and cause insurrection in its Central Asian Republics. The Reagan administration’s aggressive foreign policy would later give birth to Al-qaeda  and foster the growth of the Taliban. Reagan’s concern was not radical political Islamism, but Soviet communism. Ronald Reagan had in reality expanded a policy that was formulated under President Jimmy Carter. Operation Cyclone involved both the CIA and Pakistani ISI  designed to fiance and arm terrorists against the Soviet Union. These same groups would later attack the United States for their increased military presence in the Middle East.


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