Hiroshi Oshima Meets Hitler


Hiroshi Oshima served as ambassador to Nazi Germany for the Japanese Empire. This picture shows Oshima meeting Hitler at his headquarters in East Prussia. The Japanese Empire would attack the United States and Nazi Germany as well as Italy declared war. This move seemed strange on the part of Nazi Germany. It had no obligation to Japan to declare war on the United States. The reason may have been the hope that Japan would break the neutrality pact they made with the Soviet Union and attack. A combined German and Japanese assault on the Soviet Union would mean it would have to fight on two fronts . Hiroshi Oshima wanted his country to attack the Soviet Union, but his appeals were rejected. Hitler hoped that a Japanese force could fight in the East, while his forces pushed from the West. Instead Germany and Italy were left fighting the Soviet Union. Oshima  also did not realize that his diplomatic cables were being intercepted by the Allies. Hiroshi Oshima’s diplomatic cables became a valuable source of intelligence in regards to Hitler’s war aims and goals in Europe.


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