Haile Selassie’s Second State Visit to the United States, October 1963

This is an educational and promotional film documenting Emperor Haile Selassie’s second visit to the United States. The US was attempting to promote friendly relations with African nations under the Kennedy administration. One of the reasons for the creation of the Peace Corps was to challenge the ugly American stereotype, by having US citizens go abroad doing charitable works on multiple continents. It was recognized that Emperor Selassie  was an influential figure in the Pan-African movement. The United States, however had goals that were opposite to African unity. The support for the white minority ruled regimes in Southern Africa and anti-communist containment seemed to favor the old colonial order. President John F. Kennedy did reach out to other African nations including Ghana, Cameroon  and Ivory Coast . If he had lived this may not have gone far considering the slow progress in regards to equal rights for African Americans. President John F. Kennedy still viewed the containment of communism as the major foreign policy objective. This was naturally come into conflict with African and Asian nations which were willing to have relations with the Soviet Union. Emperor Selassie was not interested in conflict. The purpose of his visit to the US in 1963 was enhance diplomatic relations, encourage Pan-African unity, and most importantly peace.


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