NBC Coverage of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989. It signaled the end of the Cold War and the eventual fall of the Soviet Union. NBC covered the fall of the Berlin Wall. The West enjoyed the triumphalism in the fall. To conservatives in the West it was a vindication that democracy and capitalism were the ultimate models. The belief that Reagan ended the Cold War has been a prevalent myth in American history. The Soviet Union was struggling economically and was being challenged in Afghanistan. These factors contributed to a collapse of the world’s second superpower. Germany would reunify in 1990. This did have unfortunate consequences. East Germany was left underdeveloped and the majority of the population unemployed after the wall came down. Right-wing extremism spread in the Eastern half the country.Vietnamese and Turkish immigrants were targets by hate groups in Germany. Before the refugee crisis in the 2010s, there was backlash. The Soviet sphere of influence in Eastern Europe ended, but created new geopolitical complications. There still remained a fear of a powerful Germany in Europe.


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