Hillary Clinton and Barry Goldwater


Hillary Clinton and Barry Goldwater seen meeting in 1996. This was not just a random photo opportunity, but a meeting between friends. Barry Goldwater was a Republican senator from Arizona who challenged Lyndon B. Johnson for the US presidency in 1964. He was opposed to civil rights legislation and the Great Society program of the Johnson administration. Hillary Clinton in her youth was a Goldwater girl and actively campaigned on his behalf. Many times her liberal and progressive credentials have been questioned, because of her conservative upbringing. Hillary Clinton was deeply fond of Barry Goldwater and praised him on multiple occasions. The New Democrat political philosophy attempts to blend both elements of conservative and liberal America through triangulation. It was experimented with in the 1990s  under the William Jefferson Clinton administration. The effects resulted in the reduction of welfare, funding of public education,  and the increase in mass incarceration. If elected a Hillary Clinton presidency could repeat the same errors. Considering  it was a different time period, it is  uncertain how triangulation will be adopted in a post-Obama administration atmosphere.


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