President Barack Obama wins the 2008 Election


The United States elected its first African American president in 2008. A nation that had enslaved and discriminated against non-white peoples had done something that was thought to be impossible. President Barack Obama energized voters defeating senator John Mccain. The photograph should the President giving his acceptance speech in Chicago, after the election results. His election was used as an example of the progress the United States had made in terms of social justice. This was further from the truth. Police brutality against African Americans increased, right-wing extremism became more mainstream, and the US still was involved in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. The global financial crisis left many still  struggling and the President faced intense opposition from the Republican Party.President Obama initially wanted to reach out to the Muslim world, but instead found himself in military quagmires. The interventions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen were controversial. Certainly, most presidential historians agree his election was a period of political transformation.


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