Emperor Haile Selassie I Meet the Press Interview

This Meet the Press interview features Emperor Halie Selassie. Here he takes questions showing support for Pan-Africanism  and his opposition to colonial rule in Africa. Ethiopia became a prominent leader in the Pan-African movement, because it held a special place being the only African nation to avoid European imperialism. When Fascist Italy invaded in 1935 a guerrilla resistance movement emerged. The country was free from Fascist rule by 1941. Halie Selassie was opposed to Aparthied  and actively assisted the ANC. The Emperor stress the importance of education  and peace internationally. He did not have a problem with collaborating with The People’s Republic of China and in the interview he challenges the baseless accusation of Chinese influence in Africa. Haile Selassie was not afraid to criticize American racism and condemned America’s system of racial segregation . Haile Selassie said that he would hope that colonization could ended through peaceful means, but if not an arm struggle may be necessary. Ethiopia’s support and assistance was critical during the anti-colonial liberation movements in Africa in the 1960s.


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