Nelson Mandela’s First TV Interview (1961)

This is one of the first TV interviews of Nelson Mandela. During this period the ANC was gradually coming to the conclusion seeking non-violent means to end the Apartheid regime in South Africa. Mandela at the time of this interview was working underground building up forces for the armed wing of the ANC. Here he makes the argument that Africans want freedom and basic rights. He makes a cogent argument for enfranchisement of the black population. The interviewer , who asks in a condescending manner asks “are Africans educated enough to vote?”  Mandela explains that is not relevant, because many times people have selected their leaders and had minimal education. The Afrikaners had a huge population of people who were not educated and could vote, but still got special privileges due to the structure of the white supremacist society. Nelson Mandela would be imprisoned by the Apartheid regime   and later released in 1990. When the first democratic elections were held in 1994, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa.


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